Clean Up Your Shop, Speed Up Production

At SSI we recently invested some time selecting a new environmentally friendly solvent to use in our shop. The quest started as a step to improve the safety of our shop and ended up as a total revolution. Our good friend Ken Seronko at KIWO was kind enough to set us with some samples to test, and so the journey had begun.

KIWO’s complete line of screen cleaning products include screen openers, ink washes, stencil removers, haze removers, and degreasers.  CLEANLINE products are very effective and easy to use, while also friendly to the environment by emphasizing work safety, environmental concerns, and regulatory issues.

That being said, we started with small sample in a spray bottle that yielded promising results so we got set up with 15 gallons and implemented the new solution into full production. The results went from promising to staggering within a week.

The product has decreased labor costs and increased out daily output of clean screens by simplifying the process. We were able to eliminate our degreasing step since the product has a built in degreaser. We no longer see lost screens due to poor reclaiming which also reduces our emulsion waste.

The KIWO solvent has reduced waste in our re-circulation tank by using less filters, and increased the overall clarity of our screens and reduced the amount of residue left on the screen frames. Since it’s a cleaner and degreaser we’ve been using any excess from the screens to clean the floors and our washout areas are much cleaner and safer. The best benefit of all is the overall safety for our employees and the product has no harmful odor.

Another benefit of maintaining a clean shop and using green solvents is the professional appearance that your customers will see when they visit your shop. If your shop is a dirty mess that no one wants to enter, it reflects on you. Clean up your print shop-it’s good for business.

Special thanks to Ken Seronko at KIWO for the samples and taking time to come tour our facility. Ken stood behind his products and rightly so. The KIWO solvent provided us with a ton value and safety for our staff.

Ben Kremer

Vice President at The Shirt Shack Inc.
Screen Print Enthusiast
Print Engineer and Production Artist